What a year!

WOW, what a year to sum up!

2018 has been a year that I really have to pinch myself in the arm so i know it’s real!

I have just shown where i’ve wanted to and found my passion for this again, which is the best of it all! But to put icing on the cake i ended up with TOP 1 and 2 most winning LC females in Sweden 2018!

It’s funny they ended on same amount of points, but Whitney being shown few times less and won in the end. It’s her second time winning and it feels extra special to have both mother and daughter on the top.

Also being TOP 2 breeder in Sweden is an honor as i don’t have many litters each year (this year I’ve had none).

We also have many other nice results to celebrate from puppy buyers both in Sweden and abroad with their new titles and wins. We also want to congratulate CH Jamie-Lynn’s OMG winning TOP1 SC male in Sweden. He is after Whitney’s half brother SEJW-15 Tiny Tulips Show Me The Crown. Well done to his owner and breeders!

Thank you to all friends who have helped me in the rings with my dogs, to my puppy buyers who belive in their dogs and giving them their best homes, to the male owners who let me borrow your dogs for breeding (especially to one special lady who is no longer here with us. You’re deeply missed! ) And of course to my family for putting up with this crazy hobby!

Now we are looking forward to exciting times with new generations of tulips being born in early 2019! 😍

Photo By kristy Bello Herrera and Sophie Dillner


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